Why Choose Me

I am atuned with what you are thinking and feeling. I am warm, accepting and empathetic. My focus is on you, not on myself.

From the first session on, you will recognize that I'm a person you can trust. What's said here, stays here. I'll inform you ahead of time about any exceptions.

Your sense that we are therapeutic allies is one of the best predictors of success. You'll know we are working on this together.

Without hiding behind psychological gobbledegook, I'll explain what may contribute to your discomfort and steps you can take to feel better. As things change, we'll fine-tune our plan.

Your treatment will meet your unique needs. Counseling is not "one size fits all."

Education - I hold a bachelors degree from Chapman University in Orange, CA and a masters degree from Auburn University

Licenses and Certifications - I am licensed by the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling as both a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Supervising LPC .

Additional Training - As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I attend seminars and workshops throughout the year to update my skills. I am proud to have trained two dozen other counselors  at the beginnings of their careers.

On a personal note, I enjoy other cultures (especially Thailand and Japan), drinking cold-brewed coffee, hiking, and am training to become a Master Gardener. I strive to live a real life,  one that is not necessarily Instagram-worthy. I dislike inconsiderate drivers and too-ripe bananas, and I love keeping up with the lives of my adult daughters, Lisa and Heather.  When I vacation at the beach, I take along Pepper, my black and white cat. So I'm not just your average guy.

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